January 23, 2024

All about GaN

KnowMade provides various resources related to Gallium Nitride (GaN) technologies, which is a rapidly developing field:

  • Get free insights into GaN industry from a patent perspective.
  • Explore the emerging ecosystems for GaN technology through our comprehensive reports.
  • Stay updated on the latest R&D and IP developments in the field taking advantages of our monitoring services.


SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – April 25, 2024 │Get an update on the Power GaN patent landscape with Dr. Rémi Comyn. He gave an online lecture, [...]
SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – December 18, 2023 │ The GaN newsletter for December 2023 is now available! This monthly newsletter allows you to keep up [...]
SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – December 5, 2023 │ Knowmade is releasing a new GaN intellectual property (IP) report providing a deep dive into the power [...]
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SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – November 29, 2023 │ Gallium nitride (GaN) power devices were successfully adopted in several power applications, starting with lateral GaN devices. [...]
SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – November 16, 2023 │ The quarterly report for Q3 2023 GaN Electronics patent monitor is now available. This monitoring service allows [...]
SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – October 27, 2023 │The GaN newsletter for October 2023 is now available! This monthly newsletter allows you to keep up to [...]


GaN Electronics Patent Lansdcape Analysis Next-Generation Power Modules Patent Landscape 2021


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PE International 2023: our analyst’s intervention