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Specializing in patent analysis and scientific information, KnowMade provides technology intelligence and IP strategy consulting services. The company supports R&D organizations, industrial companies, and investors in their business development by offering them a deep understanding of their IP environment and technology trends. KnowMade’s experts provide prior art search, patent landscape analysis, scientific literature analysis, patent valuation, IP due diligence, and freedom-to-operate analysis. In parallel, the company proposes litigation/licensing support, technology scouting, and IP/technology watch service. KnowMade’s analysts combine their technical and patent expertise with powerful analytics tools and proprietary methodologies to deliver relevant patent analyses and scientific reviews.


Halide Solid Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries Patent Landscape 2024

Patented technologies and nascent IP competition for emerging halide solid electrolyte materials.

RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape 2024

What are the current patenting activities, and how can they support players’ strategies to strengthen their IP portfolio, secure their position, and conquer new market shares?

GaN Electronics Patent Landscape Analysis 2023

Figure out the IP strategy of main players and newcomers in the emerging power and RF GaN ecosystems.

Allogeneic CAR Patent Landscape Analysis 2023

How can allogeneic CAR revolutionize CAR-T cell therapy ?

Self-amplifying RNA vaccines Patent Landscape Analysis 2023

How can saRNA revolutionize mRNA treatments? Are mRNA vaccines leaders positioned on this new saRNA technology?

Memory for Artificial Intelligence Patent Landscape Analysis 2023

Are there specific memory technologies claimed in patents that are more suitable than others for artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) applications? Who are the key patent owners and the most active patent applicants in the field?

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Electric Vehicles Patent Landscape 2022

Increasing patent applications by German vehicle manufacturers and Chinese companies is indicative of renewed interest in hydrogen-based fuel cell electric vehicles as one solution to tackle the issues faced by automakers.

MESSENGER RNA Cancer Therapies Patent Landscape 2022

How will mRNA disrupt conventional cancer therapies? How are industry leaders and start-ups positioned in these game-changing treatments?

Areas of expertise

KnowMade’s team is made up of highly qualified experts with a wide array of skills, whose areas of involvement include both patents and scientific publications, in many fields of activity.
  • Semiconductors, and related microelectronics, photonics, and packaging technologies

    Power electronics | RF & Wireless communications | MEMS, Sensing & Imaging | Photonics, Lighting & Display | Memory, Advanced packaging

  • Energy storage and management

    Materials for electrodes and electrolytes | Manufacturing methods for battery materials, electrodes, and cells | Battery cells and packs | Fuel cells | Power management & control

  • Life sciences and Healthcare

    Therapeutic tools (mRNA therapy, cell-based therapy) | Diagnostics and Theradiagnostics (DNA sequencing, liquid biopsy, artificial intelligence) | Medical devices | Drug discovery

  • Agriculture and Food

    Food processing and formulation | Dairy and meat product alternatives | Sustainable food packaging