December 16, 2014

Custom study & consulting

Custom analysis is based on your area of interest and focus.
The scope is defined with you to meet your information and budget needs. 

Patent Search: Quickly evaluate key questions related to prior art, novelty, patentability, patent validity, freedom to operate, patent infringement, technology scouting.

Patent Landscape: Essential patent data with in-depth analysis of key technology segments and key players including IP trends, major players and relative strength of their patent portfolio, new entrants, IP collaboration networks, current legal state of patented technologies, key patents, blocking and valuable patents, past and current litigations and licensing agreements. A patent landscape adds an entirely new dimension to your competitive intelligence.

Patent Infringement Analysis: Freedom-to-Operate analysis (FTO) to ensure that a new product or a new process can be manufactured and sold in specific countries without infringing valid IP rights of others. Evidence of (non)-Infringement for patent litigation and patent licensing support (offensive and defensive).

IP due diligence: Reveal the SWOT matrix of the patent portfolio prior to patent acquisition or licensing agreement.

IP management: Report on strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats present in the IP portfolio. Recommendations concerning the management of the current IP portfolio (patents to exploit, sell or abandon …) and its optimization to reach objectives (reinforce the patent portfolio, acquire technologies …). A patent portfolio analysis allows to strategize your R&D and IP.

Licensing program: Develop a successful licensing program, sell or acquire patents.

Scientific Landscape: Scientific trends, key research findings by laboratory and technology, new emerging research areas, research challenges and emerging technologies, major scientific players and relative strength of their research results, scientific collaboration networks, scientific experts and prospective R&D partners, new technological solutions and valuable scientific know-how.

Scientific State of the Art: In-depth analysis of scientific publications, key scientific findings, interview of scientific experts, synthesis, recommendations and prospective, access to full-text scientific references.

Technology Scouting: Identify, qualify and get access to external innovation. Emerging technologies, relevant developments in technological white spaces, technology forecasting, and acquisition of technologies. Gaining full capability via a technology transfer in a very short period is a time- and cost-effective way to move ahead.

Technology Tracking: A continual monitoring of specific market segments, technologies and competition. Benefit from periodic customized intelligence reports to track your competitors/partners/clients/technology fields, and early detect opportunities and risks for your business strategy (business development opportunities, new emerging research areas and cutting-edge technology developments, new players and prospective partners/clients).