Featured image of article Newcomers in solid-state Li-ion batteries patent landscape.

Newcomers in solid-state Li-ion batteries patent landscape

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – March 20, 2023 │ Solid-state lithium battery news: Through KnowMade’s comprehensive patent landscape analysis, discover who entered the solid-state Li-ion batteries patent landscape in 2022. The competitive and technological landscape of solid-state batteries has been shifting in recent years. Numerous new companies have been entering the landscape, attracted by the huge[…]

Illustration of the article Toyota’s triptych IP strategy on batteries to conquer the EV market.

Toyota’s triptych IP strategy on batteries to conquer the EV market

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – July 29, 2022 │ Toyota were one of the first companies to put an electrical vehicle, the EV-RAV4, on the market in the late 1990s. The EV-RAV4 was equipped with Ni-MH batteries provided by Panasonic. Unfortunately, this Toyota electric vehicle battery used a patent held by GM Ovonics/Texaco. Toyota and Panasonic[…]

Hydrogen-based Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: a winning bet for Toyota?

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – July 18, 2022│Electromobility is increasingly recognized as the future of the automotive sector. Plus, vehicle manufacturers are speeding up the shift towards electric transportation due to new regulations on CO2 emissions. Japanese car maker Toyota, one of the global leaders of the industry, has naturally shown an interest in electric vehicles[…]

StoreDot: unlock the secret of their fast-charging batteries thanks to patent analysis

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – June 10, 2022 | In April 2022, Volvo announced a key investment in the Israeli start-up StoreDot founded in 2012 (see press release). This collaboration aims to strengthen Volvo’s position on promising fast-charging battery cell technologies. Volvo owns more than 400 patented inventions related to batteries, all of them being related[…]