Silicon Carbide (SiC) Patent Landscape 2022

Figure out the IP strategy of main players and newcomers in the emerging SiC ecosystem. A vertically-integrated innovation strategy combined with a global patenting activity provides multiple ways to overcome the high entry barrier in SiC industry and secure a market leadership for the next decade. Publication May 2022 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key[…]

Next-Generation Power Modules Patent Landscape 2021

The advent of EV/HEV technology has acted as a catalyst for innovation, leading to an acceleration in applications for power module related patents since 2010. Who are the main IP players? How do they address the new challenges? Who are the new players and IP challengers taking the big opportunities arising from the emerging EV/HEV[…]

GaN-on-Silicon Patent Landscape 2020

GaN-on-Silicon activity is now driven by micro-LED, GaN Power and GaN RF applications. Who is leading the IP competition in these different areas? Who are the emerging players? Publication January 2020 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF with > 200 slides Excel file > 2,500 patents IP trends, including time-evolution of published patents, countries[…]

Power GaN Patent Landscape 2019

Which patent owners are ready to dominate the GaN power market in coming years? Publication November 2019 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF with > 270 slides Excel file > 9,500 patents IP trends, including time-evolution of published patents, countries of patent filings, etc. Ranking of main patent assignees Key players’ IP position[…]