Silicon Anode for Li-ion Batteries Patent Landscape 2022

How have industry leaders and start-ups positioned their pawns to address the glorious potential of silicon anode-based Li-ion batteries? Publication April 2022 Download Flyer  Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF with > 180 slides Excel file + Online database > 12,300 patent families IP trends, including time evolution of published patents and countries of patent filings.[…]

Solid Electrolytes for Li-ion Solid-state Batteries Patent Landscape 2019

Solid electrolyte material is the key ingredient in solid-state batteries. This patent analysis will empower your understanding of the main R&D trends and competitors’ technological strategies found in the solid electrolyte materials jungle.   Publication October 2019 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF with > 250 slides Excel file > 5,800 patents IP trends,[…]

Status of the Battery Patents 2018

Battery domain combines major market stakes with an increasing and diversifying number of innovations and involved companies. What are the main patents, technologies and competitive trends in 2017? Publication April 2018 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF with >170 slides Focus on 2017 IP activity Excel file detailing >40,900 patent families Categorization of patents[…]