Featured image of Memory for AI patent landscape.

Memory for Artificial Intelligence Patent Landscape Analysis 2023

Are there specific memory technologies claimed in patents that are more suitable than others for artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) applications? Who are the key patent owners and the most active patent applicants in the field? Publication January 2023 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF>100 slides Excel database containing all patents analyzed in the[…]

3D Non-Volatile Memory Patent Landscape 2018

The 3D Non-Volatile Memory field is changing fast. How the Chinese players can find a place in a crowded space? Publication March 2018 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 150 slides Excel file > 3,400 patents IP trends, including time evolution of published patents and countries of patent filings. Current legal status[…]

Patent Licensing Companies in the Semiconductor Market 2017

The semiconductor industry has all the attributes that appeal to patent licensing companies (PLCs): Are you in their sights? Publication February 2017 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 100 slides Ranking of PLCs according to their recent patent acquisitions in the semiconductor field Dynamics of patent acquisitions and patented technology including memory,[…]

TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape 2016

An emerging market with leading industrials and first patent litigations; Who owns what ? Publication September 2016 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 140 slides Excel file (1,500+ patents) IP trends including time evolution of patent publications and patent filings countries Current legal status of patents (granted, pending application, abandoned, expired) Main patent[…]