Unveiling the dynamics of RF acoustic wave filters patent landscape: a deep dive into a fast-moving industry

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France, April 8, 2024 │ KnowMade is releasing a new RF Acoustic Wave Filter Intellectual Property (IP) report, providing a deep dive into worldwide patenting activities and showing how patents can support players’ strategies to strengthen their IP portfolio, secure their positions, and conquer new market shares.

The critical role of RF acoustic wave filters in enabling 5G Technology

Telecommunication technologies are undergoing a major revolution. The rise of 5G and increasing demand in smartphone have pushed the players to look for new solutions. In the heart of the RF industry’s evolution lies the burgeoning field of acoustic wave filters. Today, KnowMade is proud to announce the release of the comprehensive report RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape 2024. This extensive intellectual property (IP) analysis offers a panoramic view into the cutting-edge innovations, emerging trends, and pivotal players shaping the landscape of RF acoustic wave filters.

As the world’s reliance on wireless connectivity and high-speed data transmission increases, the significance of RF acoustic wave filters cannot be overstated. Today, RF acoustic wave filters are essential components of RF front end modules due to the need to isolate and avoid cross talk between the numerous 5G frequency bands.

The RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape 2024 report serves as a compass in this dynamic landscape, providing an overview on the industry through the complexities of patenting trends, offering a comprehensive analysis of technological advancements, and strategic positions of IP players.

A tense and competitive environment

The recent tensions between the US and China have led major Chinese OEM Huawei to reevaluate its strategy and rethink its supply chain. In the meantime, the Chinese government has encouraged the development of a national supply chain. On one hand, the RF acoustic wave filter IP report provides an understanding of key players’ IP strategies to secure their market and face the growing competition that emerge from China. It also unveils how historical players are enlarging their IP activities to other components to protect key innovations that could open new markets. On the other hand, KnowMade has identified the most promising Chinese IP players and highlighted their recent developments and strategies.

Company position according to its patenting activity within supply chain segments.

Figure 1: Position of main acoustic wave filter players according to their IP activity along the supply chain.

Despite exposing similar requirements, SAW and BAW patent landscapes exhibit very different dynamics”, says Dr. Paul Leclaire, patent analyst at KnowMade and author of the report. Indeed, “A strong correlation between the IP and market landscapes in the SAW segment is clear. Market leaders have also a strong IP portfolio to support their position and products. This is not at all the case with the BAW filter patent landscape, which is rapidly evolving”, Paul adds.

In the SAW segment, Murata remains the undisputed IP leader while Skyworks and Qualcomm have maintained a stable patenting activity confirming their status of IP challengers. In the meantime, some Chinese players such as Canchip (广东广纳芯科技), Sappland (杭州左蓝微电子技术), MEMSonics (武汉敏声新技术) or EpicMEMS (开元通信) have started to accelerate their patenting activities. This IP acceleration is combined with fundraising to support and secure the industrialization of their products.

The BAW patent landscape is way more competitive and is undergoing major changes. Four reasons explain this:

  1. The decay of Broadcom, the main market player, due to its lack of patenting activity. Samsung Electro-Mechanics and ROFS Microsystems have taken this opportunity and are today’s new IP leaders.
  2. Many newcomers such as JWL Semi (见闻录半导体), HunterSun (苏州汉天下电子) or NSI Corp (Ningbo Semiconductor International, 中芯集成电路) are entering the IP landscape with a high patenting activity.
  3. Entrance of historical SAW players in the BAW patent landscape. These players are rapidly closing the gap with the recent BAW IP leaders enlarging and strengthening their global IP position on the whole acoustic wave filter value chain.
  4. Growing patenting activity related to laterally excited BAW.

For companies striving to maintain a competitive edge and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the semiconductor market, the RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape report is an indispensable resource.

Key highlights of the report also include:

  • In-depth analysis of patenting trends and geographic IP coverage,
  • Identification of key IP players and newcomers,
  • Assessment of emerging technologies through patent activity and their potential impact on the RF acoustic wave filter market,
  • Insights into prospects, challenges, and opportunities in the RF acoustic wave filter market.

To access the full report or inquire about customized research services, please visit the dedicated webpage or contact us at contact@knowmade.fr.

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