RF Front-End Modules & Components Patent Monitor

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Get updated data on RF front-end module patent activity: new patents, patents expired or abandoned, latest patent transfers and patent litigation.

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Key features of the service

Every quarter an Excel file including:Featured image of RF Front end patent monitor.

  • New patent applications
  • Patent applications newly granted
  • Patents expired or abandoned
  • Transfer of IP rights (re-assignment, licensing)
  • Patent litigation and opposition
  • Patents categorized by devices : PA, LNA, SAW, BAW, XBAR, RF switch, RF tuner, RF FE module

Every quarter a report including:

  • Key fact & figures of the quarter
  • Graphs and comments covering the patent landscape evolutions
  • A close look at the key IP players and newcomers

Access to IP analyst for 20h a year:

  • Q&A session and discussion with our IP analysts regarding trends, analyses, specific patented technologies or companies’ IP portfolio in the field RF front end modules and components.

KnowMade also offers patent reports on RF technologies.

What are the current IP developments and strategies among RF players?

The telecommunications revolution of the early 21st century has led to the development and proliferation of more and more communications devices. One consequence of such phenomenal growth is the concomitant demand for data, and has led to the need to use more of the radio spectrum. Indeed, from 4 bands in the 2000s, we now use more than 30 bands, and this number will keep increasing with 5G. The RF front-end module (RF FEM) market and intellectual property (IP) landscape are already highly impacted by the new standard. To manage all these bands, RF modules have been widely developed in order to fulfil the increasing requirements. On the one hand, the increase in bands requires the integration of more devices such as switches, filters and PA in a limited space. Improving isolation and power consumption, reducing losses and parasitic and maintaining the bandwidth at device and module level are becoming crucial. On the other hand, the new 5G bands (sub-6 GHz and mm-waves) require the improvement and development of devices operating at higher frequencies.
The strong competition and new technical challenges are pushing players to innovate rapidly, resulting in prolific patenting activity. Around 1,000+ new patent applications are published and 400+ patents are granted every quarter. In such a fast-growing and competitive landscape, understanding your competitors’ R&D roadmap and current developments, evaluating risks (newcomers, patent infringements) and identifying the opportunities are key. Patent watch enables us to perceive the strategies and technologies the leading companies are adopting, identify the newcomers that go under the radar, and uncover valuable start-up companies that own fundamental patents on groundbreaking technologies. Monitoring patenting activities helps you make strategic investment and/or collaboration choices to ensure your market position.

Content of a patent monitor by KnowMade.

The RF FE Modules & Components patent monitoring service allows you to take advantage of a quarterly-updated Excel file and benefit from both quarterly analysis reports and direct interaction with our analysts. The Excel files include new patents, expired/abandoned patents, patent transfers (re-assignment, licensing) and patent litigation/opposition. The patents are categorized by device type, including PA/LNA, acoustic wave filters (SAW, BAW, XBAR, Multiplexers), RF switches, antenna tuners and RF front-end modules. This useful Excel patent database allows for multi-criteria searches including priority date, patent assignees, claims, technology segments and hyperlinks to an updated online database (legal status, original documents etc.). The quarterly PDF reports provide the IP trends over the last three months, with a close look at the key IP players, newcomers, and key patented technologies. Direct access to our analysts offers you on-demand Q&A sessions and discussion regarding the quarterly report results, trends, analyses, specific patented technologies or companies’ patent portfolios in the field of RF front-end modules and components.

Benefits of the patent monitoring service

Keep an eye on your competitors’ IP activities and their future intentions.
With the help of the patent monitoring service, you will be aware of your competitors’ current patenting activities, their IP dynamics, patent transfers including acquisitions and licenses, patent litigation, technology development and R&D strategies. You will also be able to detect newcomers early in your business area.
Keep track of the latest technology developments and get ahead of technology trends.
By keeping note of any recent patent filings, you can track the latest innovations in the field. You will get details on claimed inventions and you can follow technology developments. New technical solutions could inspire and improve your R&D activity.
Prevent registration of IP rights that may be harmful to your business.
You will obtain information on patent applications filed even before exclusive rights have been granted, and you can react in time to prevent registration of IP rights that may be harmful to your business.
React in time to infringements and mitigate legal risks.
Monitoring newly-issued patents allows you to regularly assess your freedom-to-operate, ensuring your products or processes are not covered patents and thus they can be manufactured, sold or used safely without infringing valid IP rights owned by others.
Take advantage of free technologies and decrease R&D project risks.
By tracking both expired patents and abandoned patents, you will be able to identify inventions entering the public domain that you can use safely for your development.
Understand the current IP trends and IP strategy of competitors.
On a quarterly basis, the report will provide the IP trends over the last three months, with a close look at key IP players, newcomers and key patented technologies. Main patent applicants and their inventions, blocking patents, promising patents and key newly expired or abandoned patents will be highlighted.
Access to an IP analyst.
Take advantage of direct interaction with our analysts by phone and/or email and get specific input for specific patented technologies and companies’ IP portfolios through on-demand Q&A sessions and discussion (20 hours per year).

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