Webinar – Acoustic Wave Filters in China

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – March 19, 2024 │Dr. Paul Leclaire gave an analysis of the IP situation in the RF Acoustic Wave Filters sector, focusing on China’s actors because they are the most dynamic. Take a look at the video recording and the presentation if you did not attend.

Webinar video recording

About the subject

Since 2017, KnowMade has closely observed and dissected the ever-changing landscape of intellectual property (IP) related to acoustic wave filters. The advent of 5G has wielded a profound impact on this ecosystem, ushering in new technologies like composite substrates and AlScN, attracting a wave of newcomers and intensifying competitiveness within the industry.

In recent times, the competitive landscape has reached unprecedented levels, fueled by the heightened tensions surrounding the Huawei Ban in US and the broader US/China technology battle. Amidst these dynamic shifts, patent analysis emerges as a valuable tool, providing insights into Chinese players’ strategies and shedding light on how they leverage their intellectual property to gain footholds in new market segments.

Webinar presentation slides

About the author

Paul Leclaire works for KnowMade as a Patent Analyst in the fields of RF technologies, Wireless communications and MEMS sensors. He holds a PhD in Micro and Nanotechnology from the University of Lille (France), in partnership with IEMN in Villeneuve-d’Ascq and CRHEA-CNRS in Sophia Antipolis (France). Paul previously worked in innovation strategy consulting firm as Consultant.