Webinar – Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: leading patent owners and new entrants

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – May 30, 2024 │Dr. Pauline Calka shared her expertise on Advanced Semiconductor Packaging, focusing on leading patent owners and new entrants in fan-out WLP, interposer, bridge, and hybrid bonding technologies. All the materials are gathered below.

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About the subject

Since 2016, KnowMade has been researching and monitoring the intellectual property (IP) landscape related to advanced semiconductor packaging, including fan-out WLP, 2.5D packaging, and 3D SoC. Propelled by high-performance computing and emerging applications, a tremendous number of inventions have been published in recent years. While historical players have expanded their patent portfolios, new entrants have recently joined the patent landscape with a blooming IP activity. This webinar provides an overview of the patenting activity trends for fan-out packaging, interposers, embedded interconnect bridges, and hybrid bonding. We compare the IP leadership of main players and discuss recent IP developments.

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About the author

Pauline works at KnowMade as a patent analyst in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging. She holds a PhD in Memory from the University of Grenoble Alpes, France, in partnership with the CEA-Leti. After an Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc Fellowship position at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and the Leibniz Institute for High Performance Microelectronics focusing on ReRAM development, Pauline spent five years at ASM International, Belgium, as Senior Process Engineer on thin film development for logic, memory and MEMS. Following this, she worked for two years at CEA-Leti, France, as Integration Engineer, specializing in imaging CMOS sensors.