A new comprehensive patent landscape report on halide solid electrolytes for li-ion batteries

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – May 20, 2024 │ KnowMade, a leading provider of technology intelligence and IP analysis, proudly announces the release of its latest patent landscape report, Halide Solid Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries. This report presents an in-depth analysis of the burgeoning field of halide solid electrolytes, a promising technology for the next generation of solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

A new promising electrolyte for solid-state batteries

Solid-state lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have attracted significant interest due to their potential for higher energy density and enhanced safety compared to traditional liquid electrolyte batteries. Among the various materials being explored for solid electrolytes, halide-based materials have emerged as strong candidates. They offer a compelling combination of high ionic conductivity at room temperature, excellent chemical stability, and compatibility with oxide cathode materials.

Comprehensive analysis of emerging IP trends

The intellectual property (IP) report provides a detailed examination of the global patent landscape for halide solid electrolytes. It includes analysis of over 860 patents and patent applications from more than 330 patent families, filed by over 110 different entities. This thorough research highlights the key trends, major IP players, and technological advancements in the field.

Key features of the report include:

  • Global Patenting Trends: Insights into the time evolution of patent publications, countries of patent filings, and the most prolific patent assignees.
  • Key Players and New Entrants: Detailed IP profiles of leading companies such as Panasonic/Sanyo, Samsung, GLABAT, SVOLT, Saint-Gobain, and TDK, as well as pinpointing over 60 newcomers to the field, predominantly from China.
  • Technological Insights: Categorization of patents by material composition, manufacturing methods, and the technical challenges they address.
  • IP Strategies: Analysis of the strategic and technological directions of both established companies and new entrants.
  • Extensive Excel Database: A searchable database of all patents analyzed, with hyperlinks to an updated online database for original documents and legal status.
Time evolution of patent publications in the halide solid electrolytes sector.

Figure 1: Time evolution of patent publications related to halide solid electrolytes for solid-state Li-ion batteries.

A tool for industry stakeholders

This report is an indispensable tool for companies and researchers involved in the development of solid-state batteries. It provides crucial insights into the competitive IP landscape, helping stakeholders to navigate the complex patent environment, identify collaboration opportunities, and inform their R&D strategies.

Key findings:

  • Dominant IP Players: Panasonic/Sanyo leads the patent landscape, with significant contributions from Samsung, GLABAT, SVOLT, Saint-Gobain, and TDK.
  • Emerging Innovators: A significant number of new entrants, with over 60 entities filing their first halide-related patents since 2022, highlighting the rapid growth and innovation in this field.
  • Geographical Trends: 80% of new patent applicants come from China.
  • Technological Advances: Patents reveal a focus on enhancing ionic conductivity, stability, and compatibility with existing battery materials through innovative compositions and manufacturing techniques.

Expert analysis

KnowMade’s analysts provide a comprehensive overview of the technological and competitive landscape. The report identifies key patented technologies, the strengths of various patent portfolios, and the strategic moves of major and emerging players. This analysis is crucial for understanding the current state of halide solid electrolyte development and anticipating future trends.

By offering a detailed exploration of the patent landscape, this new IP report from KnowMade is set to become an essential resource for stakeholders in the Li-ion battery sector, providing valuable insights that can drive innovation and strategic decision-making.

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