Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Patent Monitor: What you can get from data intelligence

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – January 19, 2024 | The Advanced Semiconductor Packaging patent monitoring service is starting from January 2024, with the first report for Q1 2024 set to be released in early April. Dr. Pauline Calka is currently engaged in providing the patent monitoring service for KnowMade. As a customer, you will receive valuable insights from our analyst, accompanied by relevant data. Let’s hear more about this service from Pauline herself.

Cover image of our Advanced Packaging Patent Monitor.

What can subscribers expect from KnowMade’s patent monitoring service?

Pauline Calka: Our patent monitoring service at KnowMade is an intellectual property (IP) intelligence subscription that offers comprehensive insights. The primary objective is to monitor and analyze the IP activity of a specific sector on a quarterly basis. This includes tracking new patent families (new inventions), recently granted patents, those that have expired or been abandoned, IP collaborations (patent co-filing), IP transfers (patent reassignment, licensing agreement), as well as US patent litigations and oppositions in Europe.

How long does it take to receive the data? What options are available if clients require additional information after receiving a delivery?

P.C.: Every quarter, I will produce a comprehensive report highlighting the key trends and significant information from that period. Additionally, an Excel database containing all the patents and relevant information from the quarter will be provided. Moreover, throughout the annual subscription, I will be available to address any inquiries the client may have regarding the findings of the quarterly reports. This includes conducting further research on specific technology or actor analysis, for a maximum of 100 hours.

Are there any legal obligations regarding the duration of the service?

P.C.: The standard subscription for the patent monitoring service typically lasts for 12 months, starting from the date of the purchase. This subscription includes the delivery of 4 quarterly reports, 4 quarterly Excel files, and grants each subscriber 100 hours of access to the analyst responsible for the Patent Monitor. Clients can subscribe at any time during the year. At the end of the subscription period, we will reach out to our customers to discuss the key trends observed throughout the year and to inquire about their interest in renewing the subscription. We also take this opportunity to explore any potential adjustments or customization of the monitoring service to meet their specific needs.

Could you provide more specific details regarding the technologies and players that are targeted by KnowMade’s Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Patent Monitor?

P.C.: The Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Patent Monitor focuses on a selected group of 19 key players in the field: TSMC, Intel, Samsung, Amkor, ASE, SPIL, JCET, Deca, Nepes, Powertech (PTI), SJSemi, Tongfu (TFME), Huatian, Infineon, Micron, SK Hynix, YMTC, GlobalFoundries, and Xperi/Adeia. However, the 100 hours of access to the analyst can be used by the client to track the IP activity of an additional player it may want to monitor.

Furthermore, we focus our quarterly analysis on specific key technologies in the field: Fan-Out packaging, silicon interposers, embedded interconnect bridges, hybrid bonding, 3D-stacked memories, etc. But once again, the client can utilize the 100 hours of interaction with me to customize the monitoring service and request analysis of an additional technical segment that is not included in the provided list (e.g., redistribution layers (RDL), glass interposer, optical interconnects, etc.).

The Excel database includes all packaging-related patents of the 19 key players listed above, i,e, not only patents belonging to the key segments such as fan-out, interposer, hybrid bonding, etc., but also patents related to traditional packaging (wire bond, flip-chip, fan-in, etc.), as well as those related to fab equipment and materials that may be used in packaging.

How to subscribe to this service?

P.C.: All the information you may require is available on our dedicated web page for the Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Patent Monitor. Additionally, you can contact us directly via email at or by using our online contact form. We can organize a meeting to provide you with a more detailed presentation on the content and benefits you can gain from such a patent monitoring service.

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About the author
Pauline Calka, PhD. works for KnowMade as a patent analyst in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging. She holds a PhD in Memory from the University of Grenoble Alpes (France), in partnership with the CEA-Leti (France). After an Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc fellowship position at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and the Leibniz Institute for High Performance Microelectronics on ReRAM development, Pauline worked five years at ASM International (Belgium) as Senior Process Engineer on thin film development for logic, memory and MEMS, and two years at CEA-Leti as Integration Engineer on imaging CMOS sensors.

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