Webinar – Solid-state Li-ion battery

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – November 06, 2023 │Dr. Fleur Thissandier proposed to deepen the knowledge on the competitive and technological landscape of solid-state Li-ion batteries through patent analysis. Find the data and video from her webinar below.

Webinar video recording

About the subject

Over the last years, many companies have announced plans to commercialize and integrate solid-state batteries (i.e., batteries with solid electrolytes) by 2020-2025. The competitive and technological landscape of solid-state batteries is structuring and attracting numerous new players.

In this context, patent analysis is a complementary approach to market research to deeply understand the competitive landscape and technological roadmap, be ahead of cutting-edge technology developments, and understand competitors’ strategies more thoroughly. It also allows for the discovery of companies, technological solutions, and strategies that may not have been identified in market research.

Based on our monitoring of solid-state battery-related patent activities, we will reveal what has happened in the patent landscape since 2021: the main IP trends, key IP players and newcomers, their IP strategies and IP strengths by supply chain position (electrolyte, electrode, cell), and solid electrolyte materials (polymer, polymer/inorganic, inorganic, argyrodite, Thio-LISICON, sulfide glass ceramic, oxide glass ceramic, perovskite, anti-perovskite, LiSICON, garnet, NASICON, etc.) with a special focus on emerging halide solid electrolytes.

Webinar presentation slides

About the author

Fleur Thissandier works for KnowMade as a Patent Analyst in the field of Materials Chemistry and Energy storage. She holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry and Electrochemistry from CEA/INAC, (Grenoble, France). She also holds a Chemistry Engineering Degree from the Superior National School of Chemistry (ENSCM Montpellier, France). Fleur previously worked in battery industry as R&D Engineer.