Webinar – Recycling of Li-ion batteries

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – November 28, 2023 │Dr. Filippo Farina hosted a webinar on the topic of Li-ion battery recycling, which is still relevant since the demand for batteries is always increasing, as is the need for sustainability. If you were unable to attend, you can access the presentation slides and video recording below.

Webinar video recording

About the subject

The increasing demand for batteries, combined with the awareness of the need to develop sustainable technologies, has resulted in a considerable interest in the recycling of Li-ion batteries in the last few years. The competitive and technological landscape of Li-ion battery recycling is now taking shape and is attracting many players. 

In this context, patent analysis is a complementary tool to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape and technological roadmap, stay ahead of the latest technological developments, and understand competitors’ strategies more thoroughly. It also allows one to identify companies, technological solutions, and strategies that may not have been identified through market research alone. 

Based on the analysis of the patent landscape, we will reveal the main IP trends, key IP players, their IP strategies and IP strengths, with emphasis on the recycling of two main cathode materials (i.e. NMC and LFP).

Webinar presentation slides

About the author

Filippo Farina works for KnowMade in the field of energy storage and conversion devices. He holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of Montpellier (France). After spending few years in industry (Monrgan Avanced Materials, EcoLab), since 2015 he has been working on materials for batteries and fuel cells at University of Montpellier, CNRS and CEA-LITEN (France).