TechBlick conference – Solid-State Batteries

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – February 14, 2024 │Arnaud Capgras participated in the TechBlick global conference on Solid-State batteries. Here is his presentation on the IP situation, which you can watch in the recording below or read along with the notes.

Webinar video recording

About the subject

In the very near term, by 2025, more and more companies will integrate and commercialize batteries with solid electrolytes (also called solid-state batteries). In recent years, the intellectual property (IP) landscape of this industry has been subject to dynamic competition with the arrival of numerous new players. During this webinar, KnowMade provides clues and insights into IP and technology developments by highlighting the competitive IP landscape, technology roadmap, cutting-edge technology developments, and competitor IP strategies.

While things move quickly, patent analysis fully complements market research, providing a better understanding of the competitive landscape and the implications of technology development. A thorough analysis of patent activity uncovers technology solutions and business strategies that may not have been identified in market research. KnowMade has been monitoring patent activity in solid-state batteries field since 2021. We are able to get a comprehensive picture of key IP trends, major IP players and new entrants, IP strategies and assets by position in the supply chain (electrolyte, electrode, battery cell) and solid electrolyte materials (polymer, polymer/inorganic, inorganic, argyrodite, Thio-LISICON, sulfide glass ceramic, oxide glass ceramic, perovskite, anti-perovskite, LiSICON, garnet, NASICON, etc.). We will pay particular attention to emerging halide solid electrolytes.

Webinar presentation slides

About the author

Arnaud Capgras works for KnowMade in the field of Materials Chemistry and Energy storage. He holds a Chemistry-Process Engineering Degree from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering School of Lyon (CPE Lyon, France), the International Industrial Property Studies Diploma (Patents) from the CEIPI (Strasbourg, France).