Toyota and other car manufacturers strengthen their IP Position

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – April 21, 2020 | Patenting activity on solid-state battery is still increasing in Q1 2020 with more than 290 new patent applications and 120 patents newly granted. Toyota continues to lead the solid-state battery patent landscape. Its new patents are not only related to battery cell and their manufacturing method but also to new categories of solid electrolyte materials. Other car manufacturers having new patents on solid-state batteries in Q1 2020 are BYD, BMW, Fisker, Honda, Ford, Hyundai/Kia, SAIC Motor and Volkswagen. In Q1 2020 we identified more than 40 new entrants in the solid-state battery IP landscape. Most of them are Chinese companies (Phylion Battery, Changzhou Chunangbiao New Energy Technology, Bogao Automobile Shanghai, etc.) but we can note the entrance of other notable industrial companies such as SCE France (JV Arkema/HydroQuebec), Apple (patent co-filed with University of Chicago), Daiichi Seiko (patent co-filed with Toyota), Grennergy (UK), Jiku Chemical (Japan), Navitas Systems (USA) and Repsol (Spain).

Despite the recent announcement of Bosch to abandon EV battery manufacturing and to sell SEEO, several new patents were published in Q1 2020. The most noticeable are related to a battery cell with an electrolyte layer embedded in sensor position, a method for producing an electrode unit for a battery cell and a block polymer electrolyte for lithium ion batteries.

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