MicroLED Displays Patent Landscape

Which companies own patents in microLED display? What are their major thrust areas and portfolio strength? Publication January 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample Report’s Key Features • PDF > 300 slides • Evolution of patent filings and countries of patent filing • Key patent analysis, by technology node (chip transfer, chip design, color conversion, defect management,[…]

Phosphors & Quantum Dots for LED Application Patent Landscape

With fundamental patents expiring in the next years, how will evolve IP forces involved ? Publication January 2016 Download flyer Download sample Report’s Key Features • PDF > 250 slides • Excel file (7,500+ patent families) • IP trends including time evolution and countries of filing • What has happened since the last report (2013 edition)[…]

Nanowire LED Patent Investigation

New nanowire LED startups compete with Asian LED giants in the IP landscape Publication May. 2014 Download flyer Download sample Nanowire LED: after 10 years of patenting activity, what’s the current patent situation? Asian giants Samsung, Panasonic and LG are the top three patent assignees for Nanowire LED technology. Facing them are several startups including[…]

GaN-on-Silicon Patent Investigation

More players on the playground, business is starting: when will the IP battle begin?  Publication Apr. 2014 Download flyer Download sample GaN-on-Si is entering production: What is the patent situation? GaN-on-Si technology appeared naturally as an alternative to GaN-on-Sapphire—the main stream technology for LED applications. Today, despite potential cost benefits, the mass adoption of GaN-on-Si[…]

LED phosphors and down-converters Patent Investigation

Phosphor related intellectual property has been and remains a major driving force with strong impact on the shape of the LED industry.  Publication Sep. 2013 Download flyer Download sample Report’s Key Features • PDF > 280 slides • LED phosphors market data and forecasts • Analysis of technology key segments and key players • Special[…]