Power SiC Patent Landscape 2019

The SiC power device market outlook is promising as market adoption is ongoing. Who are the current key IP players for MOSFETs, SBDs and power modules, and who will have the best IP position in the coming years? Publication January 2019 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF >130 slides Excel file with >3,800 patents[…]

Wireless Charging Patent Landscape 2017

Wireless power charging market is strongly expanding for consumer and transport applications. But what is the IP strategy of the companies? Publication November 2017 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF with >220 slides IP trends, including time evolution of published patents and countries of patent filings Current legal status of patents Ranking of main[…]

Patent Licensing Companies in the Semiconductor Market 2017

The semiconductor industry has all the attributes that appeal to patent licensing companies (PLCs): Are you in their sights? Publication February 2017 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 100 slides Ranking of PLCs according to their recent patent acquisitions in the semiconductor field Dynamics of patent acquisitions and patented technology including memory, transistor,[…]

GaN Devices for Power Electronics Patent Landscape 2015

The GaN power market is underway. Are you ready for the global IP chess game that will follow? Publication September 2015 Download flyer Download sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 280 slides IP trends including time evolution and countries of filing Power GaN market data and forecasts Ranking of main patent applicants Joint developments and IP[…]