Featured image of the article Toyota Group, a leading IP player in the development of sensors and autonomous vehicles technologies.

Toyota Group, a leading IP player in the development of sensors and autonomous vehicles technologies

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – August 16, 2022 │ Since 2010 and the end of the crisis, the automotive industry has been undergoing veritable revolutions, with the dawn of electric and autonomous vehicles. While electrification is already well established with the release of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, the launch of robot taxis and fully autonomous[…]

Luminar’s patent portfolio supporting Mercedes-Benz’ strategic move toward LiDAR adoption in automotive applications

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – February 4, 2022 | In January 2022, Mercedes-Benz, the consumer brand of Daimler, acquired a stake in Luminar Technologies equaling about 1.5 million shares, less than 1% of the company (see here). Such an acquisition results in the collaboration between two important players in the LiDAR for automotive patent landscape. Indeed,[…]

Radar for automotive: we are entering a new age

Extracted from: Radar Technologies for Automotive report, 2017 edition and LiDAR for Automotive & Industrial Application, 2018 edition from Yole Développement – AWR1642 77 & 79 GHz RFCMOS Radar Chipset from Texas Instruments report, 2018 edition from System Plus Consulting – LiDAR for Automotive Patent Landscape report, 2018 edition from Knowmade. SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France –[…]

The audio world has stepped into another dimension

Acoustic MEMS and Audio Solutions 2017 – Vesper VM1000 Piezoelectric Microphone – Knowles MEMS Microphones in Apple iPhone 7 Plus Patent-to-Product Mapping 2017 – Reports from Yole Group of Companies OUTLINES: The market for MEMS microphones & ECMs, micro-speakers and audio ICs will be worth US$20 billion in 2022. Microphones, microspeakers and audio ICs are[…]