NKARTA: Recent IP and Promising Results in a Clinical Trial with CD19 CAR- Modified Natural Killer Cells

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – August 03, 2023 │ Today, immunotherapy is essential in cancer treatment. This field is therefore in full expansion and a lot of innovative therapies are emerging. In 2017, the FDA approval of two CAR-T cells therapies (KYMRIAH™ from Novartis and YESCARTA™ from Kite Pharma, a Gilead company) has enable the development[…]

Featured image of article mRNA Targeted delivery Moderna & CureVac recent strategies.

mRNA targeted delivery Moderna & CureVac recent strategies

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – March 16, 2023 │ Q4 2022 Therapeutic mRNA Patent Monitor (covering mRNA design, mRNA delivery, manufacturing, storage, mRNA-based vaccines, and mRNA-based therapeutics) quarterly report is out! Let’s focus on one interesting aspect of delivery innovation. KnowMade has developed expertise in therapeutics mRNA that allows a picture from three angles of this[…]

Featured image of the article Moderna's mRNA-4157: A breakthrough in melanoma treatment and the road ahead for patent protection.

Moderna’s mRNA-4157: A breakthrough in melanoma treatment and the road ahead for patent protection

Moderna and Merck join forces to advance mRNA therapeutics in cancer treatment SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – March 03, 2023 │mRNA therapeutics against cancer are an area of strong R&D activity, especially since the efficient use of mRNA vaccines to fight the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. On the other hand, although the number of clinical trials is increasing,[…]

Can microbial astaxanthin disrupt the dietary supplement market?

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – February 22, 2023 │ The health and nutritional benefits boost the high demand for natural astaxanthin. The algae-based astaxanthin dominates the dietary market, but it presents a huge weakness: a fishy smell. Therefore, microbial astaxanthin takes advantage of the algae product’s flaw to consolidate its position in the dietary supplement market.[…]