Hydrogen-based Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: a winning bet for Toyota?

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – July 18, 2022│Electromobility is increasingly recognized as the future of the automotive sector. Plus, vehicle manufacturers are speeding up the shift towards electric transportation due to new regulations on CO2 emissions. Japanese car maker Toyota, one of the global leaders of the industry, has naturally shown an interest in electric vehicles[…]

Hydrogen-based fuel cells for electric vehicles: Germany, the patent stronghold in Europe

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – May 19, 2022 | Climate change and its causes and consequences are notions now widely accepted throughout the world. In 2021, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas emissions – one of the most pollutant greenhouse gases involved in global warming – exceeded 36 gigatons, and transportation is responsible for about one quarter of[…]