Illustration of the article Toyota’s triptych IP strategy on batteries to conquer the EV market.

Toyota’s triptych IP strategy on batteries to conquer the EV market

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – July 29, 2022 │ Toyota were one of the first companies to put an electrical vehicle, the EV-RAV4, on the market in the late 1990s. The EV-RAV4 was equipped with Ni-MH batteries provided by Panasonic. Unfortunately, this Toyota electric vehicle battery used a patent held by GM Ovonics/Texaco. Toyota and Panasonic[…]

StoreDot: unlock the secret of their fast-charging batteries thanks to patent analysis

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – June 10, 2022 | In April 2022, Volvo announced a key investment in the Israeli start-up StoreDot founded in 2012 (see press release). This collaboration aims to strengthen Volvo’s position on promising fast-charging battery cell technologies. Volvo owns more than 400 patented inventions related to batteries, all of them being related[…]

Featured image from Knowmade's press release on Nexeon and silicon anode technology.

Nexeon is forming more and more strategic partnerships: what is behind its silicon anode-related patent portfolio?

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – June 08, 2022 | Silicon anode-based lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are one solution envisioned to improve battery performances and replace graphite. This technology boasts greater electro-chemical performances. Companies operating in the automotive and battery industries are investing a lot to develop electric vehicles (EVs) and other systems with better energy density, safety,[…]

SK Innovation reinforces its solid-state battery patent portfolio by acquiring ETRI’s patents

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – April 27, 2022 | Over the last few decades, the battery world has put a lot of expectation on solid-state batteries. Significant investments have been made to overcome challenges and reach performance levels compatible with market requirements. Recently, solid-state battery developments have been accelerating, and major companies are announcing their market[…]