Patent Licensing Companies in the Semiconductor Market

The semiconductor industry has all the attributes that appeal to patent licensing companies (PLCs): Are you in their sights? Publication February 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample PLCs WILL INCREASINGLY EXTRACT CASH FROM THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY Patent Licensing Companies (PLCs) are non-operating companies concentrated on creating the majority of their income from licensing patents to or litigating[…]

Resistive Memory Patent Landscape

With Resistive Memory adoption to replace NAND, how will evolve IP forces involved in the next years ? Publication July 2015 Download flyer Download sample DESCRIBING THE IP SITUATION The Resistive Memory technologies involve more than 100 different applicants. The main IP holders in the domain are Samsung, Toshiba and SK Hynix. With growing market,[…]

Emerging Non-Volatile Memories Patent Landscape

Niche memory markets with a vast number of patents held by big companies Publication Feb. 2014 Download flyer Download sample The integration limit of flash memories is approaching, and emerging Non-Volatile Memories (eNVM) to replace conventional Flash Memories have been proposed. Ferroelectric RAMs (FeRAMs), Magnetoresistive RAMs (MRAMs), Resistive-change RAMs (ReRAMs) or Phase-Change Random-Access Memories (PCRAMs)[…]