Wireless Charging Patent Landscape

Wireless power charging market is strongly expanding for consumer and transport applications. But what is the IP strategy of the companies? Publication November 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample WIRELESS POWER CHARGING IP ACTIVITY IS BOOMING From cell phones to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the power to charge batteries now lies in the air. Recently Apple Read more about Wireless Charging Patent Landscape[…]

III-N Patent Watch

Take advantage of monthly updates on new patent applications, new granted patents, patents newly expired or abandoned, the latest patent transfers and patent litigation Monthly newsletter Download Flyer  Download Sample THE III-N PATENT LANDSCAPE IS THE MOST DYNAMIC IN COMPOUND SEMICONDUCTORS The III-V nitride semiconductor family has attracted significant research attention over the last 25 years, Read more about III-N Patent Watch[…]

GaN Technology Top-100 IP Profiles

What are patent portfolio characteristics of the main companies and research laboratories involved in the GaN technology? Publication December 2016 Download Flyer  Download Sample ACCESS TO THE PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS OF THE TOP-100 IP PLAYERS IN GAN TECHNOLOGY The field of III-N semiconductors has shown an intensive patenting activity since early 1990s, with a substantial increase during Read more about GaN Technology Top-100 IP Profiles[…]

GaN-on-Silicon Patent Investigation

More players on the playground, business is starting: when will the IP battle begin?  Publication Apr. 2014 Download flyer Download sample GAN-ON-SI IS ENTERING PRODUCTION: WHAT IS THE PATENT SITUATION? GaN-on-Si technology appeared naturally as an alternative to GaN-on-Sapphire—the main stream technology for LED applications. Today, despite potential cost benefits, the mass adoption of GaN-on-Si Read more about GaN-on-Silicon Patent Investigation[…]

GaN Substrate Patent Landscape

Publication Feb. 2014 Download sample Content The report provides essential patent data for GaN Substrate. It identifies more than 15+ major holders of GaN Substrate related intellectual property. It provides in-depth IP analysis and industrial key players including: – Time evolution of patent publications and countries of patent filings. – Current legal status of patents. – Read more about GaN Substrate Patent Landscape[…]