May 19, 2015

Scientific Landscape

Recording and communicating research results through publications has become so much enormous and complex that personal knowledge and experience are no longer sufficient tools for understanding trends or for making decisions. Scientific Landscape and Bibliometrics (also called Scientometrics) are used in research understanding and its performance evaluation, especially by university and government labs, but also by research directors and administrators, researchers themselves, policymakers, corporates and investors.

– Understand trends (scientific publications, countries, laboratories …scientific-landscape2
– Identify key research findings by laboratory or technology
– Identify new emerging research areas
– Understand research challenges and emerging technologies
– Identify the major scientific players and the relative strength of their research results
– Identify collaboration networks between key players (academic, industrial)
– Identify scientific experts and prospective R&D partners
– Identify new technological solutions and valuable scientific know-how
– Manage better investments in science
– Help institutions to understand their position relative to standards of research production

– Scientific production (by institution, country, laboratory, research team)
– Highlight significant or promising areas of research
– Comprehensive perspective on activity and achievements
– Main authors and corresponding affiliations
– Key laboratories and corresponding experts
– Collaboration networks (academic/academic and academic/industry)
– Citations analysis and key scientific publications

scientific-landscape1Evaluation Metrics
(by author, laboratory, institution, country, research area, subject …) :
Time evolution, Productivity (paper counts), Recognition (citation counts), Influence (h index), Efficiency (average citations per paper, percent cited/uncited papers, journal impact factor), Relative impact/benchmarking (percent cited/uncited papers), Specialization (fields, collaborations, group of highly cited papers), Trend analysis, Mapping …

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