May 20, 2015

Licensing & Acquisition

– Develop a successful licensing program
– Sell patents
– Acquire patents

– Assessment, recommendations and project plan
– List of potential licensees/buyer/partners/targets with key contacts

Patent acquisitions / In-Licensing
1) Identify opportunities and valuing patents
2) Analysis of competitive IP context
3) Identify risks
4) Confirm patent value and validate its market potential
5) Identify and prequalify companies and R&D organizations with desirable IP (targets)
6) Approach the targets to determine if they are willing to sell, license, cross‐license or partner to develop new IP

Patent sales / Out-Licensing
1) Analysis IP portfolio (claim scope, SWOT, value)
2) Identify patents of interest (valuable, use by third parties)
3) Identify and prequalify potential buyers/licensees
4) Demonstrate the value of the IP and develop a convincing business case (objectives, costs, benefits, options, risks)

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