May 20, 2015

IP Management

– Leverage your patent portfolio to make strategic business decisions, seek new revenue opportunities and protect your core technology.
– Align your IP portfolio with key business objectives.
– Assess the quality of your patent portfolio, and identify its strengths and its weaknesses.
– Evaluate patents (key patents, valuable patents, low-value patents …).
– Benchmark your IP portfolio with your IP competitors.
– Identify opportunities to save cost (low-value patent elimination …).
– Identify opportunities to create value (IP monetization, technology access …).
– Shoring up patents associated with your ‘golden assets’ to protect core technologies from competition.
– Identify opportunities for technology acquisition or strategic partnership.

– Report on strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats present in the IP portfolio.
– Recommendations concerning the management of the current IP portfolio (patents to exploit, sell or abandon …) and its optimization to reach objectives (reinforce the patent portfolio, acquire technologies …).

1) Understand the strategic goals of the client.
2) Organize the patent portfolio and clearly map the patents to client’s technology, products, competitors or business units.
3) Evaluate the quality, the strengths/weaknesses and the value of each patent.
4) Rank the patents (quality, strengths, strategic importance, value …).
5) Identifies potential ways to generate revenue (licensing out …).
6) Identifies potential ways to save money (maintenance fees …).

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