Knowles MEMS Microphones in Apple iPhone 7 Plus Patent-to-Product Mapping 2017

What are the main patented features of Knowles’ MEMS Microphones in the iPhone 7 Plus? Publication April 2017 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF >100 slides Essential IP analysis of Knowles’ patent portfolio related to the MEMS Microphones of Apple iPhone 7 Plus including: Time evolution of patent publications and countries of patent[…]

MEMS Microphone Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis 2015

Market growth, challenged leader : patent battle can start. Review of  Knowles, STMicroelectronics/OMRON, AAC Technologies/Infineon Technologies, InvenSense/Analog Devices Publication Apr. 2015 Download Flyer Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 120 slides Find the technical and manufacturing process similarities and differences of S1157, MP45DT01, SR595 and ICS43432 MEMS Microphones. Identify key patents held by Knowles, STMicroelectronics,[…]