Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Electric Vehicles Patent Landscape 2022

The growth in patenting activity among German vehicle manufacturers and the impressive IP recent developments of Chinese companies are indicative of renewed interest in hydrogen-based fuel cell electric vehicles (HFCEV) as one solution, along with battery electric vehicles (BEV), to tackle the issues faced by automakers. Publication October 2022 Download Flyer  Download Sample Report’s Key Features[…]

mRNA Cancer Therapies Patent Landscape 2022

How will mRNA disrupt conventional cancer therapies? How are industry leaders and start-ups positioned in these game-changing treatments? Publication September 2022 Download Flyer  Download Sample Report’s Key Features PDF > 100 slides Excel database containing all patents analyzed in the report (>570 patent families), including patent segmentations and hyperlinks to an updated online database. IP trends,[…]

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Every month, the GaN newsletter provides you with a selection of the latest scientific publications, patent applications and news related to III-Nitride semiconductors (GaN, AlN, InN and alloys) for optoelectronic and electronic applications (power, RF, LED, laser, photonics, etc.). Subscribe to receive our semiconductor newsletter. Download BASIC Excel Download PREMIUM Excel Download Sample Our semiconductor newsletter’s[…]

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Patent Landscape 2022

Figure out the IP strategy of main players and newcomers in the emerging SiC ecosystem. A vertically-integrated innovation strategy combined with a global patenting activity provides multiple ways to overcome the high entry barrier in SiC industry and secure a market leadership for the next decade. Publication May 2022 Download Flyer  Download Sample Report’s Key Features[…]