Featured image of article Moderna vs Pfizer BioNTech - Let’s get inside the patent portfolio engaged in this battle.

Moderna vs Pfizer BioNTech – Let’s get inside the patent portfolio engaged in this battle

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – September 12, 2022 │ KnowMade recaps and details key patent information in Moderna’s lawsuit against Pfizer BioNTech, regarding the mRNA technology used in their COVID-19 vaccines. Patent infringement battles start Since the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be under control, companies developing mRNA are starting to enforce their IP rights. Among the[…]

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LARONDE, ORNA and THERORNA take the lead on circular mRNA therapeutic use

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – August 09, 2022 | KnowMade noticed recent patenting activity in the field of circular mRNA therapeutics, inspiring us to publish a brief statement about this therapeutic technology. What is a circular mRNA? CircRNA structure & function The first known circular RNA (CircRNA) function is a regulatory function (through miRNA regulation, transcription regulation,[…]

CureVac has acquired Frame Cancer Therapeutics with a promising patent portfolio on neoantigens for mRNA cancer vaccines

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – June 16, 2022 | CureVac N.V., a German biopharmaceutical company developing medicines based on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), has announced on June 08th 2022 the acquisition of Frame Cancer Therapeutics (formerly Frame Pharmaceuticals), a startup company based in Netherlands focused on advanced genomics and bioinformatics to identify both unique and shared[…]

Turnkey mRNA therapeutics: what is behind Nutcracker Therapeutics’ technology

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France – April 20, 2022 | During recent decades, biopharmaceuticals have gained considerable attention as revolutionary therapeutics and vaccine strategies, attempting to fulfil the high expectations of resolving serious health conditions. Regarding nucleic acids, mRNA-based technologies have been established as promising approaches in therapy and prevention of numerous diseases. mRNA’s great potential can[…]