LiDAR for Automotive Patent Landscape

From ADAS to autonomous and robotic vehicles, what are the LiDAR technologies and related IP of automotive industry players? Publication April 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample LIDAR FOR AUTOMOTIVE – IP DYNAMICS The automotive sector is changing. After being crippled by the 2008 financial crisis, it has risen from the ashes and commenced its own revolution.[…]

Knowles MEMS Microphones in Apple iPhone 7 Plus Patent-to-Product Mapping

What are the main patented features of Knowles’ MEMS Microphones in the iPhone 7 Plus? Publication April 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample KNOWLES: WORLD-LEADER IN MEMS MICROPHONES Founded in 1946, Knowles offers a growing range of micro-acoustic, electro-mechanical, and related technology platforms to support its customers. Knowles was the first to introduce MEMS microphones to the[…]

Consumer Physics SCiO Molecular Sensor Patent-to-Product Mapping

How has Consumer Physics patented its SCiO Molecular Sensor? Publication March 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample CONSUMER PHYSICS, PIONEER OF THE POCKET-SIZED MOLECULAR SENSOR Consumer Physics Inc. develops and distributes molecular sensors, marketing its product under the SCiO brand name. According to Consumer Physics, the SCiO spectrometer is the world’s first pocket size molecular sensor. The[…]

Miniaturized Gas Sensors Patent Landscape

Consumer applications open up new perspectives for gas sensors; Do the key market players have the best IP positions? Publication October 2016 Download Flyer  Download Sample MICRO GAS SENSOR IP DYNAMICS COME ALONG WITH THE MARKET RAMP-UP Today, mobile applications aggregate more and more sensors (pressure, inertial …), and gas sensors could be the next sensors to[…]

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis

Who risk to be deprived of its imprint in future infringement lawsuits? Publication Nov. 2015 Download flyer Download sample WILL APPLE AND SAMSUNG CONFRONT EACH OTHER ON THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR FIELD? Fingerprint sensors using capacitive technology represent a fast growing market, especially in smartphones. The fingerprint sensor vendor Idex forecasts an increase of 360% of[…]

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Patent Landscape

With the entry of new companies, such as Google, the field of non-invasive glucose monitoring is expected to grow rapidly, with new innovative and accurate devices Publication September 2015 Download flyer Download sample THE STRUGGLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NON-INVASIVE DEVICE FOR GLUCOSE MONITORING The patent landscape for non-invasive glucose monitoring is really rich, involving[…]

Honeywell Microbolometer Patent Portfolio Analysis

Will Honeywell continue to lead the Microbolometer patent landscape with the evolution of a new consumer market ? Publication July 2015 Download flyer Download sample HONEYWELL, PIONEER OF THE VOX MICROBOLOMETER TECHNOLOGY The American company Honeywell is a pioneer actor in the microbolometer technology. In collaboration with the US Department of Defense, the company started[…]

Fingerprint Sensors Patent Landscape

New strong IP enthusiasm and new players such as Apple are leaving their imprint on the market Publication Jan. 2015 Download flyer Download sample SECOND WIND IN THE CAPACITIVE SENSING TECHNOLOGIES To this date, fingerprint sensing technology is the most reliable and widespread biometric technology and fingerprint sensors are well developed. This patent landscape focuses[…]