VCSEL Patent Landscape

3D sensing in the Apple iPhone X paves the way for new VCSEL opportunities. How is the VCSEL-related patent landscape impacted by the rise of new applications? Publication November 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample NEW APPLICATIONS DRIVE CURRENT VCSEL PATENTING ACTIVITY The release of the Apple iPhone X in 2017 and its range of optical sensors[…]

iPhone X Proximity Sensor and Flood Illuminator – Patent to Product Mapping

What are the main patented features of Apple iPhone X proximity sensor and flood illuminator? Publication August 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample Apple iPhone X: a trove of new tech sensors Released in November 2017, the Apple iPhone X marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone product line. With this new generation come several new technologies[…]

LiDAR for Automotive Patent Landscape

From ADAS to autonomous and robotic vehicles, what are the LiDAR technologies and related IP of automotive industry players? Publication April 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample LIDAR FOR AUTOMOTIVE – IP DYNAMICS The automotive sector is changing. After being crippled by the 2008 financial crisis, it has risen from the ashes and commenced its own revolution.[…]

Battery Patent Watch

Take advantage of quarterly updates on new patent applications, new granted patents, patents newly expired or abandoned, the latest patent transfers and patent litigation Quarterly newsletter Download Flyer  Download Sample BATTERY IP ACTIVITY IS BOOMING ALONG WITH THE MARKET Worldwide demand for energy storage devices is booming since 2000’s, leading to a very dynamic battery market.[…]

Status of the Battery Patents

Battery domain combines major market stakes with an increasing and diversifying number of innovations and involved companies. What are the main patents, technologies and competitive trends in 2017? Publication April 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample BATTERY IP ACTIVITY IS BOOMING ALONG WITH THE MARKET Worldwide demand for energy storage devices is booming since 2000’s, leading to[…]

3D Non-Volatile Memory Patent Landscape

The 3D Non-Volatile Memory field is changing fast. How the Chinese players can find a place in a crowded space? Publication March 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample A YOUNG MARKET WITH BIG PLAYERS AND A FAST-MOVING IP LANDSCAPE 3D NAND Flash Memory devices appeared on the market in 2015 with 3D V-NAND – 32L of Samsung[…]

Optical Coherence Tomography Medical Imaging Patent Landscape

Recent mergers and acquisitions have occurred in the OCT medical imaging field. How will they impact the IP landscape? Publication February 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY MEDICAL IMAGING: A DYNAMIC, COMPETITIVE MARKET Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging technique widely used in the medical world, especially in ophthalmology and vascular/cardiology. Its[…]

RF Front-End Modules for Cellphones Patent Landscape

Which players show an active patenting activity to stay in and win the 5G race? Publication January 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample RF FRONT END MODULE IP DYNAMIC: AN INDICATOR OF THE RACE TOWARD THE 5G The telecommunications revolution of the early 21st century has led to the development and proliferation of more and more communications[…]