MicroLED Displays Patent Landscape

Which companies own patents in microLED display? What are their major thrust areas and portfolio strength? Publication January 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample A BROAD RANGE OF ACTORS Yole Développement has identified close to 1,500 patents filed by 125 companies and organizations relevant to the microLED display field. Among these are multiple startups, display makers, OEMs,[…]

III-N Patent Watch

Take advantage of monthly updates on new patent applications, new granted patents, patents newly expired or abandoned, the latest patent transfers and patent litigation Monthly newsletter Download Flyer  Download Sample THE III-N PATENT LANDSCAPE IS THE MOST DYNAMIC IN COMPOUND SEMICONDUCTORS The III-V nitride semiconductor family has attracted significant research attention over the last 25 years,[…]

Patent Licensing Companies in the Semiconductor Market

The semiconductor industry has all the attributes that appeal to patent licensing companies (PLCs): Are you in their sights? Publication February 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample PLCs WILL INCREASINGLY EXTRACT CASH FROM THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY Patent Licensing Companies (PLCs) are non-operating companies concentrated on creating the majority of their income from licensing patents to or litigating[…]

GaN Technology Top-100 IP Profiles

What are patent portfolio characteristics of the main companies and research laboratories involved in the GaN technology? Publication December 2016 Download Flyer  Download Sample ACCESS TO THE PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS OF THE TOP-100 IP PLAYERS IN GAN TECHNOLOGY The field of III-N semiconductors has shown an intensive patenting activity since early 1990s, with a substantial increase during[…]

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis

Who risk to be deprived of its imprint in future infringement lawsuits? Publication Nov. 2015 Download flyer Download sample WILL APPLE AND SAMSUNG CONFRONT EACH OTHER ON THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR FIELD? Fingerprint sensors using capacitive technology represent a fast growing market, especially in smartphones. The fingerprint sensor vendor Idex forecasts an increase of 360% of[…]

GaN Devices for Power Electronics Patent Investigation

The GaN power market is underway. Are you ready for the global IP chess game that will follow? Publication September 2015 Download flyer Download sample POWER GaN IP DYNAMICS HERALDS A FUTURE RAMP-UP OF THE MARKET The potential energy efficiency savings from the adoption of GaN power semiconductor devices has led to significant research and development[…]

Honeywell Microbolometer Patent Portfolio Analysis

Will Honeywell continue to lead the Microbolometer patent landscape with the evolution of a new consumer market ? Publication July 2015 Download flyer Download sample HONEYWELL, PIONEER OF THE VOX MICROBOLOMETER TECHNOLOGY The American company Honeywell is a pioneer actor in the microbolometer technology. In collaboration with the US Department of Defense, the company started[…]

Resistive Memory Patent Landscape

With Resistive Memory adoption to replace NAND, how will evolve IP forces involved in the next years ? Publication July 2015 Download flyer Download sample DESCRIBING THE IP SITUATION The Resistive Memory technologies involve more than 100 different applicants. The main IP holders in the domain are Samsung, Toshiba and SK Hynix. With growing market,[…]