Optical Coherence Tomography Medical Imaging Patent Landscape

Recent mergers and acquisitions have occurred in the OCT medical imaging field. How will they impact the IP landscape? Publication February 2018 Download Flyer  Download Sample OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY MEDICAL IMAGING: A DYNAMIC, COMPETITIVE MARKET Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging technique widely used in the medical world, especially in ophthalmology and vascular/cardiology. Its[…]

Consumer Physics SCiO Molecular Sensor Patent-to-Product Mapping

How has Consumer Physics patented its SCiO Molecular Sensor? Publication March 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample CONSUMER PHYSICS, PIONEER OF THE POCKET-SIZED MOLECULAR SENSOR Consumer Physics Inc. develops and distributes molecular sensors, marketing its product under the SCiO brand name. According to Consumer Physics, the SCiO spectrometer is the world’s first pocket size molecular sensor. The[…]

Microfluidic Technologies for Diagnostic Applications Patent Landscape

New comers and emerging applications for oncology and infectious diseases are driving the growth of microfluidics IP Publication January 2017 Download Flyer  Download Sample MICROFLUIDIC TECHNOLOGIES: A GREAT PROGRESS FOR DIAGNOSTIC APPLICATIONS Microfluidic technologies have brought numerous advantages in diagnostic applications: smaller systems, small sample volume, near-patient technologies, reduced processing time and cost reduction. The scope[…]

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Patent Landscape

With the entry of new companies, such as Google, the field of non-invasive glucose monitoring is expected to grow rapidly, with new innovative and accurate devices Publication September 2015 Download flyer Download sample THE STRUGGLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NON-INVASIVE DEVICE FOR GLUCOSE MONITORING The patent landscape for non-invasive glucose monitoring is really rich, involving[…]

Biomedical Photoacoustic Imaging Patent Landscape

Japanese companies show strong interest recently in biomedical photoacoustic imaging but US academics own key patents and US companies are already on the market Publication Mar. 2015 Download flyer Download sample PHOTOACOUSTIC : A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION IN MEDICAL IMAGING? Photoacoustic imaging technologies in the biomedical domain are in full growth from an IP point[…]