GaN Technology Top-100 IP Profiles

What are patent portfolio characteristics of the main companies and research laboratories involved in the GaN technology? Publication December 2016 Download Flyer  Download Sample ACCESS TO THE PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS OF THE TOP-100 IP PLAYERS IN GAN TECHNOLOGY The field of III-N semiconductors has shown an intensive patenting activity since early 1990s, with a substantial increase during Read more about GaN Technology Top-100 IP Profiles[…]

TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape

An emerging market with leading industrials and first patent litigations; Who owns what ? Publication September 2016 Download Flyer  Download Sample A FAST GROWING TSV MEMORY MARKET In the semiconductor industry, 3D integration using through-silicon via (TSV) has been considered to be a promising way for improving performance and density instead of conventional device scaling. By connecting Read more about TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape[…]

Microbattery Patent Landscape

A starting market attracting many players from various industries ; Who owns the key patents? Publication September 2016 Download Flyer  Download Sample MICROBATTERIES IP DYNAMICS HERALDS A FUTURE RAMP-UP OF THE MARKET Today, micro-sized batteries are only commercialized by few companies (PowerPaper, Cymbet, Infinite Power Solutions and ST Microelectronics) while Johnson Battery Technology, Front Edge Technology and Read more about Microbattery Patent Landscape[…]

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis

Who risk to be deprived of its imprint in future infringement lawsuits? Publication Nov. 2015 Download flyer Download sample WILL APPLE AND SAMSUNG CONFRONT EACH OTHER ON THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR FIELD? Fingerprint sensors using capacitive technology represent a fast growing market, especially in smartphones. The fingerprint sensor vendor Idex forecasts an increase of 360% of Read more about Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis[…]

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Patent Landscape

With the entry of new companies, such as Google, the field of non-invasive glucose monitoring is expected to grow rapidly, with new innovative and accurate devices Publication September 2015 Download flyer Download sample THE STRUGGLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NON-INVASIVE DEVICE FOR GLUCOSE MONITORING The patent landscape for non-invasive glucose monitoring is really rich, involving Read more about Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Patent Landscape[…]